Fixed by Ryan

COVID-19 Update!

In order to continue offering a high level of service and safety to our customers, we ask that you follow the strict drop off procedure.

1. Park bike in bike stands provided in front of the workshop door.

2. Knock, push and hold doorbell or txt me that you have arrived on 0413284232

3. Stand behind your bike and I will come out to collect it maintaining a 1.5m distance.

4. Do not enter the workshop.

All collections will be made in the same way.

If you have a temperature, cough, feeling unwell, travelled to any COVID hot spots within the last 14 days please contact me to reschedule the appointment.

Keep yourself and others safe through this time.

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Bike Servicing and Tuning by Ryan

Hi and welcome to Fixed bike servicing and tuning by Ryan.

I'm Ryan Walsch the owner of Fixed. I am passionate about bringing the highest level of bike servicing to you, when you you need it.
I have over 15 years of experience in the cycling industry in various roles including; team mechanic, managing workshops, owning a bike shop and providing technical support and training for Trek Bicycles AU/NZ.

I believe that correct assembly, routine servicing will make your bike last and perform it's best.